Thursday, August 3rd
7:45 AM Breakfast Served in Suite #325
9:00 AM Welcome to Washington DC, 2017 JETAA USA National Conference
Remarks by JETAA USA Country Reps – Monica Yuki & Mark Frey (NY / NC)
Embassy Remarks -Shintaro Seto (Embassy of Japan, DC)
CLAIR Remarks – Wataru Tozawa (CLAIR NY) & Masahiro Fukukawa (CLAIR TOKYO)
JETAADC President Welcome Remarks – Joy Champaloux (DC)
9:20 AM “The Room Where It Happens: All The Acronyms” – Monica Yuki (JETAAUSA)
9:30 AM Chapter Introductions and Omiyage Sharing
10:00 AM “GIA is Changing and Why You Should Care” – Matthew Gillam, (CLAIR NY)
10:30 AM Treasurer Challenges and Solutions – Timothy Roller (Texoma) & John Branderhort (NC)
11:00 AM Building Your Chapter Nest Egg – Moderated By Monica Yuki (JETAAUSA)
11:30 AM Breakout Session and Presentations on Growing Reserve Funds
12:00 PM Lunch in Suite #325
1:00 PM “Strengthening Leadership: Building a Board” – Brenda McKinney (NY)
1:30 PM “Strengthening Membership: Seeking New Members & Engaging Current Membership” – Lara Espinoza (Chicago)
2:00 PM “Strengthening SubChapters: Monterey Bay Case Study” –
John Hayato & Kai Wiesner-Hank (NC / NC)
2:30 PM Break
2:45 AM Small Group Discussions/Breakouts on Three Previous Presentations
(Leadership, Organization, Membership)
3:15 AM Present The Brainstorm!
3:45 AM Wrap Up of Discussions with Chapter Tasks
4:00 PM Chapter Board: Assemble!
4:30 AM Instructions for Dinner and Details for Thursday Evening
5:45 AM Meet in Lobby for Travel to Reception
6:00 PM Delegate Dinner Reception at Buca Di Beppo

Friday, August 4th
7:45 AM Breakfast Served in Suite #325
9:00 AM JETAA Canada Update
9:30 AM JETAA-I Presentation
10:00 AM USJETAA Presentation (Mentorship Visits, Chapter Support, and Sasakawa Grant)
10:30 AM Let’s Work together! National Projects that Chapters Can Coopera On:
Sister City, Community Support, JET Talks, Webinars, etc
11:30 AM Group Photo / Intro to KenJETkai initiative – Mark Frey, Matsumoto-san, Matt Gillam
12:00 PM Lunch in Suite #325
1:00 PM Free Time to Explore JET30 Reunion Natsukashii Hall
2:30 PM JET30 Reunion Begins! (See Reunion Agenda)

Saturday, August 5th
JET30 Reunion

Sunday, August 6th
7:45 AM Breakfast Served in Suite #325
9:00 AM Results of Thursday Night Scavenger Hunt
9:15 AM CLAIR Update on JET – Masahiro Fukukawa
9:30 AM Keynote: “JET30 Reunion: Reflections and Recommendations”
Gary Mukai (Director, Stanford Program on Int’l & Cross-Cultural Education)
10:00 AM “Reflections on Leadership: ‘Level Up’ Activities and Initiatives”
LeighAnn Mastrini (Director: APCO Worldwide, JETAADC)
10:45 AM 15 Minute Break
11:00 AM Chapter Pride: We Do Awesome and You Can Too
Chapter Presentation – Portland Iron Chef
Chapter Presentation – Texoma
Chapter Presentation – Chicago
Chapter presentation – Hawaii
11:30 AM “Everyday NatCon: How Will You Carry Forth the Spirit of NatCon?”
11:45 AM Closing Remarks and Wakarikai
12:00 PM JETAA USA 2017 National Conference Closes

Evening Agendas
August 2nd, Wednesday Evening
• Informal Pre-NatCon Happy Hour
• Mellow Mushroom
• Dress: Casual
August 3rd, Thursday Evening
• NatCon Welcome Dinner
• Buca Di Beppo
• Dress: Casual
August 4th, Friday Evening
• Ambassador’s Reception
• Private Residence
• Dress: Business
August 5th, Saturday Evening
• JET30 Matsuri Celebration
• Dress: Yukata / Casual