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An email marketing communication approach is often the best strategy for JETAA Chapters to communicate news, messages and/or the promotion of events.  The process of managing communications via Excel spreadsheet and email blast is grossly inefficient and more time consuming than it needs to be.  The email marketing website, MailChimp, is a recommended tool to help manage your membership communications.


An effective communication plan is fundamental to developing a thriving JET Alumni Chapter.  Typically, the chapter will designate a communication manager who is responsible for overseeing effective communications between the executive, alumni, Japanese Consulate representatives, friends of the chapter and other stakeholders of interest. An effective communication system will satisfy the following needs:

  • Store current contacts into a centralized database for management
  • Import and add members to the database via an effective, efficient and time-effective means
  • Target communications to different groups
  • Track information about stakeholders and history with the chapter
  • Manage communication for specific events
  • Integration of this system into a website (like WordPress or JOOMLA)

MailChimp satisfies these needs, and with experience, the program will lead to a simple yet effective management of communications for your JETAA chapter.

Tutorial:Download the Communication Plan: MailChimp

This tutorial is meant to assist in introducing you to some of the useful tools of this website for your chapter.  MailChimp has a number of video tutorials that can assist you with other questions you might have.  Some experimentation can go a long way in discovering and mastering MailChimp’s capabilities.

This tutorial is not perfect and may contain some inaccuracies.  Also, the system may change from the time of creation of this manual.  The expectation is that this manual evolves with use, an open source manual if you will.  Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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  1. webmaster says:

    We really appreciate all of the helpful information included in the tech conference. We hope to implement some of the tools for our new website that is slated to debut in the next week or so.

    Breanne Schwenneker
    Manitoba Saskatchewan JETAA President

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