US-8 Heartland

Greetings from the heart of America, YokosoHeartland JETAA was chartered in 1989 and has a current membership of 476.  HJETAA’s sub-chapters include Saint Louis, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas, the six states in our territory.  We publish a newsletter quarterly, both online and in print.

General elections are held in September and half of our Executive Committee positions are held by appointment and are listed on the website. Decisions affecting the chapter are voted on at regular monthly meetings in Kansas City, Missouri, our chapter headquarters, or by online ballot of all members as required by our By-laws.  Our 5 sub-chapters are led by Sub-chapter Reps appointed by the Chapter Representative and meet quarterly.

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In addition to our regular monthly meetings in Kansas City we try to organize special events every month, which include Hanami, Tsukimi, Tanabata, food tasting and preparation, barbeques and excursions to cultural events in the area.  We also partner with the Japan-America Society and Greater Kansas City Japan Council for numerous events every year.

HJETAA is very active in recruitment and support for the JET Program and eagerly welcomes new returnees.  JET alums returning or moving to the 6 states of our territory should contact our Membership Coordinator, Zach at [email protected]. Though we have a far-flung  geographic area to cover we do our best to satisfy the needs of our members and share our wealth of cultural experiences and knowledge with those we meet.   GambarimashoTanoshindemateimasu

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