JETAA USA Relief Fund

The JETAA USA Japan Earthquake Relief Fund was created in response to the events of 3.11. This was the first time all US chapters came together to fund raise and contribute to a project of this size and importance. For over 25 years, the JET Program has hosted thousands of Americans to live and work in communities all across Japan. In Japan’s time of need, this was our opportunity to give back.

Distribution of Relief Funds and Impact

The JETAA USA Relief Fund raised $88,900 over the course of one year until March 28, 2012. JETAA USA presented this report at the 2012 JETAA USA National Conference in San Francisco with an update on the recipients: Hope for Tomorrow, E-Pa+ch, Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund, Live Your Dream: The Taylor Anderson Story, volunteerAKITA, and Rikuzentakata City. Please visit our Recipients section to learn more.

Recipient Selection Process

After nominations and voting, JETAA US chapters agreed to utilize the JETAA USA Earthquake Relief Fund for education-focused, community-based project(s) and to be done so in the memory of our fellow US JETs who were lost in the disaster: Taylor Anderson and Monty Dickson. This option was chosen with the JET and JETAA mission of grassroots community involvement in mind.

Financial Management

The fund was hosted by JETAA NY due to their status as a legal 501c3 organization and their offer to step up to the plate. Donations were collected from individual donors as well as chapter efforts. The fund was open for one year (3.15.2011-3.28.2012) during which we raised  $88,900.

As of March 28, 2012, we are no longer accepting donations due to the tax burdens this has placed on JETAANY.
If you would like to contribute to the rebuilding efforts in Japan, we encourage you to find an organization that is still accepting donations!

Project Management

Utilizing our network of US JET alums, an Earthquake Fund Committee was created. Fund Committee members identified and connected with Tohoku communities, establishing projects/ areas of need in which the JETAA USA fund would be most appreciated. The Fund Committee worked diligently to honor JETAA USA’s vote to focus on education-related projects/ needs for the communities JETAA USA could most effectively assist. All individuals who assisted with this project worked as volunteers representing JETAA USA.

The JET and JET alum network proved to be extremely valuable, giving JETAA USA the ability to respond and connect on a grassroots level that could only be the result of the grassroots relationships that JETs foster. The Fund Committee members were also positioned to liaise with local governments, CLAIR, MOFA and NPOs to ensure the funds were utilized for highly effective projects while promoting the core values of the JET Program and JETAA USA. This type of network allowed us to work with nearly 0% overhead and in ways that made our relatively small fund generate considerable and meaningful results.

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  3. eva T. says:

    How do I get a tax i.d. for a donation?

  4. You need to contact one of the JETAA US Country Reps and we’ll get you situated.

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  9. Bahia says:

    When does this fund close for new donations?

  10. The Fund will officially cease receiving donations at the end of March, 2012. Although we would like to keep it open longer, JETAANY is unable to continue to host it. They have incurred a considerable amount of extra work and fees as a 501c3 organization due to the amount we’ve collected (which is great for JETAA and Japan, but taihen for JETAANY). We are hoping another 501c3 chapter will be able to host the fund for the next year, although this won’t likely be resolved until we get our 2012-13 CRs in place, as they will be responsible for driving the project from April forward. -Jessyca (US CR)

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