CR Job Description

The purpose of Country Representative is to support all chapters falling within their jurisdiction and represent JETAA USA interests to other organizations- both internal and external. CRs should collaborate and cooperate with the greater JETAA and US-Japan community, including all pertinent parties and organizations, to develop and nurture goals, initiatives and support the further development and success of the JET Program and US-Japan relations as a whole. The CR position requires the willingness and ability to perform tasks independently, work on a team to accomplish goals, communicate professionally and respectfully and to uphold personal and team-selected deadlines to successfully  accomplish set goals.

The job of JETAA USA Country Representative is multifaceted. CRs should expect to voluntarily dedicate time and resources each week to accomplish responsibilities associated with this elected position. The time required of a CR will fluctuate depending on current needs and projects. 

Serve the JETAA USA community while upholding the mission of the organization

  • Serve as the point of contact for JETAA USA
  • Represent JETAA USA in a professional and respectful manner
  • Develop ways for JETAA USA to contribute to the US-Japan relationship
  • Identify, coordinate and communicate resources and opportunities (such as programming, funding, etc.) with JETAA USA Chapters and general membership as appropriate 
  • Facilitate inter-chapter connectivity
  • Promote goodwill and cooperation within JETAA Chapters both domestic and international
  • Actively support and sustain positive relations between JETAA USA and the greater US-Japan community

Administrative tasks

  • Provide quarterly communications (in any format) which:
    • Facilitates the reporting of CR activities and/ or accomplishments
    • Informs chapters of available opportunities, resources, etc.
    • Provides a platform for US chapters to communicate and connect
    • Provides an opportunity for open forum discussions
  • Regularly connect with each chapter to better understand overall individual chapter health
  • Maintain and moderate online platforms
  • Implement and utilize operating mechanisms and procedures to ensure organizational efficiency, inclusivity, continuity and sustainability
  • Provide reports and requested information to Japanese government officials, JET-related organizations and outside organizations as appropriate
  • Establish and maintain a positive and working relationship with AJET
  • Exercise fiscal responsibility when utilizing funding provided to JETAA USA in any capacity

Conferences and Meetings

  • Proactively collect ideas/concerns from JETAA USA constituency/chapters for presentation at  appropriate conferences/meetings
  • Accurately represent the views of JETAA USA and its constituents
  • Actively participate in the planning and execution of any JETAA USA national and/ or regional conferences
  • Fully attend JETAA USA conference sessions on all days any conference is in session
  • At least one Country Representative should be present at any US regional conference held
  • Inform the Board of Advisors of any conferences or formal community meetings
  • Identify and establish hosts for future national/ regional conferences as needed
  • Attend and represent JETAA USA at other conferences as deemed appropriate and within budget
  • Disseminate information and decisions from these meetings/ conferences back to US Chapters and JETAA USA stakeholders as appropriate in a timely manner

Collaborate with internal and external organizations/ groups to strengthen and grow the JET community

  • Work with the Board of Advisors as needed to cultivate, expand and further develop JETAA USA, informing them of any concerns, challenges, issues, etc.
  • Regularly communicate with AJET to facilitate the transition of returning JETs and fold them into the JETAA community
  • Support the growth of JETAA USA as determined by current or prospective needs
  • Monitor any national initiatives, lending support as needed
  • Collaborate and cooperate with all internal and external organizations for the explicit purposes of 
    • supporting the JET/ JETAA community and its mission
    • building a more robust JETAA presence within the US-Japan community
    • further fortifying the US-Japan relationship

Maintain open, consistent and transparent lines of communication

  • Establish communication mechanisms that ensure accessibility
  • Respond to communications in a timely fashion and within any established deadlines
  • Interact with others in a professional manner
  • Fully participate in scheduled meetings to the extent possible