JETAA USA, under the JETAA International (JETAAi) umbrella, is comprised of 19 chapters across the United States. US chapters are created and administered 100% by volunteers who are alumni of the JET Program. Although all alums of the JET Program are considered JETAA members, registration with your local chapter is imperative to getting and staying connected. We encourage you to become a registered member!

JETAA USA is just one tier in a large network of JET alumni associations. JETAAi is comprised of an executive committee which provides structure and support to all country chapters. The JETAAi executive committee is made up of JET alums from several different countries working to engage country chapters in global JETAA initiatives. JETAA USA is a member of the JETAAi community.

JETAA USA has three Country Representatives which represent JETAA USA to the JETAA International community. The US Country Reps also provide structure, connectivity, and support to the US chapters while liaising between Japanese government officials and the US JETAA chapters. US Country Reps also help to lead and drive national JETAA USA initiatives.

The JETAA USA Country Reps can be contacted at [email protected]

Local Chapters:
Local JETAA US chapters serve their local JET alumni constituency. They are often administered by an executive committee or officers. The officers connect their local JETAA communities to the national level. Local JETAA chapters engage in grassroots activities to support JET alums, support their local Japanese organizations, promote Japan and its culture and continue serving as a bridge between the Japan and their local communities.

Chapters throughout the United States work with local Japanese Consulates (and the Embassy) and the CLAIR NY office, as well as local community and cultural organizations to provide departure and re-entry services for those departing for and returning from the JET Program. By becoming a registered member with your local JETAA chapter, you will join a professional and social network fellow JET alums who keep Japan in their lives here in the USA. You will also be in a position to support other departing JETs as they embark on their life-changing adventure with the JET Program in Japan.

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