JETAA National Conference (NYC 2010)

JETAA USA conducts an annual National Conference, usually in late summer, of each year. Typically, each chapter sends two delegates which are current chapter officers, to represent their US chapter. Although we encourage the chapter president and treasurer to attend, in cases that other officers would benefit more from attending, chapters may choose to send a different offers as a delegate.

This is a great opportunity to understand how JETAA USA works in a bigger context, meet and work with fellow US chapter officers and help progress US national initiatives on both the national and local levels as you return to your region post-conference. Many Japanese government officials from both MOFA and CLAIR are instrumental in bringing these conferences to life and they also participate in various sessions. Travel costs and accommodations for the National Conference are covered in the chapter’s individual chapter budget, provided the chapter meets minimum requirements as a US chapter to receive funding.

In some years, there may also be a Regional Conference. Although these usually focus on the issue of bringing technological tools into use for JETAA, it can focus on any topic that is needed. Regional Conferences are smaller than the National Conference. The term “Regional” simply refers to the fact that not all chapters are requested to attend. Chapters from any region of the US may attend, given they have the budget to cover the costs outlined by the hosting chapter.

2016 National Conference – Los Angeles, CA

2016 Regional Conference – Atlanta, GA

2015 National Conference – Detroit, MI

2014 National Conference – Seattle, WA

2014 Regional Conference – Boston, MA

2013 National Conference – Minneapolis, MN

2012 National Conference – San Francisco, CA

2012 Regional Conference – Denver, CO

2011 National Conference – Washington, DC

2010 Regional Conference – Portland, OR

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