JETAA Treasurers

Chapter treasurer is one of the most important positions in a chapter. Chapters can apply for funding through both CLAIR and MOFA, although each government agency has its own structure, guidelines and requirements for usage.Treasurers will need to submit paperwork to both CLAIR and MOFA to apply for and receive funding as well as documentation of how the funds were used.

Although CLAIR funding (called Grant-in-Aid, or GIA) utilizes a standardized process on an annual cycle, MOFA does not currently have a standardized method and can work on an annual, quarterly or event-based time frame. Chapters should consult their local consulate accounting office and JETAA tantousha for more details, as this can be an ESID type situation.

  • For an overview of funding sources, please reference the Chapter Funding presentation from the 2012 National Conference.
  • Click HERE to download an easy-to-use MOFA financial spreadsheet which is already broken down into accurate funding categories by quarter.
  • Click HERE to download the MOFA Activity Report form.

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