JET Alums Return to Tohoku

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan Tourism Agency jointly organized an Invitation Program for JET Alums who worked as a JET in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima or Sendai-shi for 2 or more years to return to Japan as an ambassador. The goal of the program is to help promote the affected areas and do PR work on their behalf. To read the official statement from MOFA, click HERE. As Japan struggles to regain the image of a safe place to live and travel, these JET Alums are lending a hand.

From around the world, 14 JET alums were selected to return to Japan. Of those, eight were US JET alums. Please visit their blogs, read their words, look at their photos, watch their videos to see how Japan and Tohoku are working together to recover, enjoy life and look towards the future.

  1. Alan Mockridge (UK JET alum living in the US)
  2. Amy Cameron
  3. Audrey Shiomi
  4. Ben Erickson
  5. James A. Foley
  6. Jacquelyn Pang
  7. Kris Gravender
  8. Michael Blodgett
  9. Wesley Julian