Delegate Information

E-mails to Delegates

In case you missed any of the correspondence regarding the National Conference you can find copies of all e-mails listed below.

7/20/2017 – Important NatCon information for Delegates: Travel, packing, Presenter request, Omiyage, shot glasses.

7/11/2017 – Action Required for NatCon: Flights, chapter boards, upload photos

6/14/2017 – Action Item: Chapter Displays at JET30

06/07/2017 – Delegate Sign up for JETAA USA NatCon – Deadline 6/21

06/01/2017 – JET30 Reunion Early Registration Information

04/03/2017 – JETAA USA 2017-2018 Country Reps

03/27/2017 – Two important announcements from JETAA USA