Country Rep Removal

Please consider the situation at hand seriously before you decide to take this course of action. That being said, the process is in place for chapter representatives to utilize should the need present itself.

As stated in the JETAA USA Bylaws:

Any JETAA USA chapter representative/officer, acting on behalf of their chapter, may submit a Removal Request of a JETAA US CR from office on the grounds of misrepresentation of JETAA USA, neglect of CR responsibilities, or inappropriate and/or illegal behavior, such as, but not limited to:

  1. Abuse of any form of communication within or outside of the sphere of JETAA USA;
  2. Conduct considered unprofessional, subversive, threatening or harassing in nature;
  3. A serious breach of the JETAA USA bylaws;
  4. Misrepresentation/fraudulence;
  5. Illegal behavior.

A complete Removal Request must be submitted by the chapter representative/ officer who is requesting the removal. A complete Removal Request consists of:

  1. Country Representative Removal Request form (Exhibit D in the JETAA USA Bylaws);
  2. Premise of Removal Request (summary of situation) form (Exhibit E in the JETAA USA Bylaws);
  3. copies of any supporting documents listed on the Removal Request form.

These shall be submitted to the JETAA USA Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors will ensure that all appropriate persons receive copies of the Removal Request.

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