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JETAA Chicago welcomes you! JET Alums located in the greater Chicago area will be happy to know there is a large and active community formed by our chapter. Greater Chicago is a vibrant area with plenty of fun things to do year-round, and we strive to take advantage of that. It certainly helps that more JETs are sent to Japan by the Consul General of Japan in Chicago than any other location in the world, and many of you return here afterward. As our namesake suggests, our chapter is located in Chicago, and covers the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, with sub-chapters in Wisconsin and Indiana.

JETAA Chicago collaborates with the many Japan-related groups in the area–businesses, not-for-profits, restaurants and communities–so JETAA Chicago is not only a great place for you to meet up with fellow alums, but also to plug into the local Japanese community. We hold various events throughout the year and support members that have ideas they’d like to bring to life.

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We look forward to meeting fellow alums, whether you participated on JET in it’s inception year of 1987 or just returned recently. Over the last 25 years, the number of JET alums has grown to be a formidable group, and with recent recognition by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton after the East Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster, it displays the difference we can make. We hope the Chicago Chapter continues to make a difference, whether it be by collecting and donating relief funds, helping you find the next step in your career, or putting on a fun event. We aim to harness our common experience and enduring relationship with Japan so that JET alums, and our family and friends, will take center-stage in defining and enriching the perception of this bond that defies geography, spanning the Pacific between Japan and each of us here in the Midwest.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website for current information or to register as a JETAA Chicago member (look for “Join” in the menu bar). Our website has links to our monthly Webletter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Wisconsin-based alums should contact Joette at [email protected], join their Yahoo group at [email protected], and join the Facebook Group JETAA Chicago Badger State Subchapter to keep abreast of their activities. Indiana-based alums can join the Facebook Group JETAA Chicago Hoosier Subchapter.

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