Social Events

(1/27) Astronomy Program
We hope you are joining us for the evening’s activity on Friday. We’ll enjoy a starlight walk to/from our Colorado YMCA camp activity: Out Of This World! The entire activity (including the walk to/ from) will take roughly two hours. This is an awesome way to interpret some of the night sky we’ll be enjoying up in the mountains. You should have the opportunity to put your new knowledge to the test, as there is very little ambient light and the cold winter skies and low humidity in the Rockies make for clear night views.

We will rotate through several different stations during this astronomy program, each focusing on one aspect of the night sky. Among these stations are:

  • construction of your own star chart
  • Starlab (indoor inflatable planetarium!!)
  • constellation identification (instructors will help you)
  • legends and lore

The walk to/ from the activity center will take about 25 minutes or so. Be sure to dress warmly, wear comfortable/ sturdy shoes and bring your headlamps/ flashlights!

**We’re sorry our original snowshoe hike/ night hike has been replaced. The snow pack in the in the Estes Park area of the Colorado Rockies is so low and unstable that snowshoeing is impossible. Likewise, they’ve had warm temps, giving the trails an icy layer that makes hiking at night particularly dangerous. **

(1/27) Karaoke at the Kabin
For those of you who are not so keen on getting out into the night time wilderness, we’ve rented a karaoke machine for the night! Karaoke will be set up in the main lodge room, and basically… there will be no escaping it, so grab a warm drink (hot toddies, tea, hot chocolate), warm yourself by the fire and get your groove on! Get your singing in before the snowshoe crew returns… we heard they were mic hogs!

( 1/28) Nijikai Out: Estes Park Brewery
After our scrumptious meal at the Stanley Hotel, the shuttle will stop by the Estes Park Brewery before continuing on back to the cabin.

Colorado boasts over 150 microbreweries, so really, no trip to this beautiful state would be complete with out a wee sampling. Although Estes Park Brewery has an excellent selection of beers, be aware that the affects of  alcohol are quite prompt at altitude, so take the night slow! We will pre-order pitchers and appetizers, so please register and pay ($15.75 per person) for the nijikai now. There will be an early and late shuttle ride back to the cabin. Your friendly RMJETAA hosts will be sure to announce them.

(1/28) Nijikai In: The Harimaya Bridge
If you’re not up for an outing, simply stay on the shuttle when the boisterous revelers disembark for the brewery. The shuttle will take you back to the cabin where you can relax around the fireplace in the main lodge room. We’ll be showing Aaron Woolfolk’s acclaimed movie The Harimaya Bridge on a big screen. Aaron, both the writer and director of this film, is a JET alum (ALT, Kochi-ken) and one of the central characters in his movie is also a JET. Popcorn and some fine Colorado beverages will keep you company.

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