Sister City/ State Support Services

If you are seeking support in connecting with your current Japanese sister city or sister prefecture (state), OR if you are seeking to begin a relationship with a Japanese city or prefecture (state), JETAA USA can help.

Members of JETAA US chapters, through their experiences gained as former participants in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, are a rich resource. JET alums have language skills and social and cultural knowledge of Japan, making them natural specialists in Japanese cross-cultural communications. US JETAA chapter members are also active participants in their home communities and especially their local Japanese communities in the US. Their skills and networks can contribute to a variety of cross-cultural initiatives, whether business, educational, or community-based. JETAA members span across varied professional sectors, although all of them have personal connections with Japan due to their JET experience.

Chapter members often have access to governmental offices throughout Japan as well as Japanese governmental offices/ missions in the USA. Chapters are actively engaged in providing talent to work with governments and other organizations to facilitate exchange and development activities.

In order to request support from the US JET Alumni Association, please fill out the following form, which will be automatically sent to the JETAA US Country Representative(s): JETAA USA Sister City/ State Support Request

JETAA USA will coordinate with the alumni chapter best situated to help with your request in order to provide whatever support is necessary for your planned activities.

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