Travel to/from Seattle

The 2014 National Conference will officially begin at 2PM on Friday, September 19th. There will be an CLAIR Optional Half-Day that begins at 10AM on Friday morning. Please be in Seattle by no later than 12PM on Friday, in order to give yourselves enough time to make it to Conference by the official start time.

Seatac Airport (SEA) to the Best Western Hotel

Seatac Airport is about 14 miles south of Seattle, and there are a couple options in getting from the airport to the city and hotel.

Option 1: Central Link Light Rail + Monorail

Seattle Monorail

Central Link Light Rail

The least expensive and easiest way from Seatac Airport to the Best Western is via the Central Link Light Rail and Seattle Monorail. A one-way fare total of $5.00 will bring you from Seatac Airport to within three blocks of the Best Western Plus Executive Inn. Link Light Rail accepts credit credit cards, cash, or ORCA Cards. Please note that you must purchase your Link ticket from the machine prior to getting on board or risk getting ticketed by Light Rail police.

  • The Central Link Light rail runs every 7.5 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the time of day. A ride from the Seatac Station to Westlake Center (the last stop on this line) will cost $2.75, one way. It should take about 38 minutes and will have a total of 11 stops.
  • From the transit tunnel at Westlake, look for signs for the Monorail. You can take the elevator (with ‘MONORAIL’ written above it) up to the Westlake Center Monorail station located on the third floor of Westlake Center.
  • From there, you can purchase a ticket from Westlake Center  to Seattle Center (these are the only two stops on the Monorail) for $2.25, one way. Please note that the Monorail is cash only and does not accept ORCA Cards or credit cards.

  • The Monorail stops at the Seattle Center. When you exit the train, walk down the ramp from the Seattle Center platform and the Space Needle will be straight ahead. Don’t forget to look up!
  • From there, it’s three blocks to the Best Western. Follow the circular path around the Space Needle and head toward the main thoroughfare (Broad Street) in front of the Needle. Cross the road and head east down John Street for 2 blocks. Turn left on Taylor Ave N, and the Best Western will be on your right!
  • Volunteers will be on hand in the hotel to assist with check-in and directions.

Option 2: Uber, Lyft, Taxi

There are a number of private transportation options from Seatac Airport. Uber and Lyft are available on both iOS and Android, and will cost around $30-50, one-way, from the airport to the Best Western. Regular taxies are also available at the airport and will run from $40-$60, one-way.