US Chapters

1. Identify your chapter’s sister cities/states:

  • JETAA USA/ Sister States– US Country Reps created this database which lists US JETAA chapters and their Japanese sister prefecture counterparts.
  • CLAIR Sister City/ State List– This list is managed by CLAIR and reflects ALL sister city/ state relationships regardless of their acknowledgement/ registration with Sister Cities International. It does not currently have correlating JETAA chapters listed.
  • Sister City Directory– This is managed by Sister Cities International and lists all relationships that are registered and acknowledged by SCI.

2. Initiate contact:

  • Contact Request Form– This internal request gets submitted to CLAIR NY and US CRs who will start the process of connecting the JETAA chapter and appropriate Japanese counterpart.

3. Establish relationships and communication channels:

  • Offer your JETAA chapter as a resource. The opportunity for projects and connections is as varied as each sister city/prefecture relationship. Simply making your JETAA community available is valuable in and of itself as it acknowledges and offers our community to the local governments in a way we have not done before.
  • Advertise any projects/connections that come out of these efforts. Put them on your websites and inform the CRs, so we can promote them on the national website as well as with CLAIR and local governments in Japan.

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