US-18 Minnesota

Hello everyone and welcome to the JET Alumni Association of Minnesota (JETAAMN) page – thank you for visiting!!  It is our hope that you are a) from Minnesota and are either already here or returning here soon, or b) you are not originally from here, but are moving to the area soon.  We’d love to meet you!

We are chapter JETAA US-18 and proud of it!  JETAAMN covers the state of Minnesota.  Our headquarters are in Minneapolis, and most of our events are held in the Twin Cities…but if you have an idea (we love ideas!) for an event outside of these metro areas – let us know!  We have a monthly newsletter that we send out chock full of good information on our events, our local chapter, national news of JETAA USA, Japan-related events, and of course, news about JET.

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Please get in touch with us when you are returning from Japan and JET…there is a whole community here that understands your experiences and wants to hear about them – and also share their own with you!  We are a fun group that meets several times a year…COME GET ON BOARD!

Please keep a lookout on our website and Facebook page for smaller, impromptu events such as dinners at Japanese restaurants, Japanese-related events, and KARAOKE nights! If you have questions, want to become a member, or want to receive the newsletter, please email See you soon!

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