The Japan-U.S. Training and Exchange Program for English Language Teachers (JUSTE), sometimes referred to as the “Reverse JET” program currently has 96 participants in the USA from all over Japan. This group of genki JTEs were selected to spend six months in the US studying ESL teaching methodology (in English) at six universities. They are then expected to return to Japan equipped with their new knowledge and share it with their respective school systems as part of an effort to improve the English ability of Japanese students.

This is a great opportunity for JETAA chapters to support a very unique Japanese education program that we hope will continue in the future and grow to meet the English learning needs of Japan’s society. This is a tangible way we can give back to JTEs and Japan at the grassroots level as JET alums!

The JUSTE participants are only here through January, so now is the time to reach out and connect. We encourage JETAA chapters to establish a JUSTE-JETAA liaison to reach out to the JUSTE participants in their area. Imagine how great it must feel to be from Tottori-ken and find an American (JET alum) who is also familiar with Tottori and had a parallel experience to theirs! If you’d like help contacting the JUSTEs in your area, please email: Jessyca Wilcox at [email protected].

See how other chapters are connecting and engaging with JUSTEs in their area: