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The hot topic on the web today is SOCIAL NETWORKING.

Chances are you’ve heard this word. If you watch CNN, you’ll notice that tweets have taken the place of reporters, rock bands no longer carry demo tapes, just cards with their MySpace page, and every self-respecting job hunter combs their Facebook profile before any big job interview, making sure Osaka Karaoke marathons don’t come back to haunt them. For people outside of this universe, just approaching the Social-Networking-Industrial-Complex is a daunting task. For people already down the rabbit hole, just keeping track of your various identities, updating profiles, and keeping up with all of the things you follow become a job in itself.

To the most technologically-adept person on Earth, that is WAAAAY too much information to comprehend, but luckily for you, we’re here to help. Our team of crack experts has researched, analyzed, and otherwise got scientific on the science of the social network for you. We are going to present three (arguably, the three) “best” (read: most useful for you and your chapter) Social Networking platforms to you, as well as one very robust way of keeping up with them.

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  1. webmaster says:

    This website is an amazing resource for any of the chapters that are looking to develop or improve their website. The information on Joomla and WordPress is especially useful, and there all also many other great ideas regarding social networking and other tools to add to your website.

    Jenna Smith
    JETAA Northern Alberta

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