Will my cell phone work in the mountains?
Cell phone signals tend to be weak in the mountains and your connectivity will depend on your carrier. You’ll probably have service once you reach the YMCA, but will not have dependable coverage as you travel in/out of the mountains.

What will the weather be like when I’m there?
Click here to check Estes Park weather.

What conference expenses do chapters/ delegates need to cover?
Delegates will need to work with their chapter treasurers to ensure that shuttle costs  (approx. $80) and airfare to/ from the venue  are covered. Other expenditures such as meals/ snacks during your travels, nijikai/ social event expenses etc. will come out of pocket for the delegates.

What conference expenses are covered?
Your chapter should cover your travel costs (airfare and shuttle costs if possible). Lodging and meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are covered through RMJETAA (conference hosts).

What should I bring?

  • usernames and passwords for all/ any chapter accounts
  • laptops
  • slippers (we are running the cabin J-style)
  • casual warm clothes (no suits needed! dress for winter!)
  • water bottle – keep hydrated!
  • warm gear for walking outside (see Social Events webpage)
  • headlamps/ flashlights with extra batteries (no street lamps in the mountains)
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • body/ hand lotion (it’s dry here!)
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen (if you intend on playing outside)

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