2024-2025 US CR Regular Elections | CLOSED

Voting for the 2024-2025 regular Country Representative election closed on March 17. Congratulations our new Country Representatives for the 2024-2025 fiscal year!:

Valerie Stewart (South East JETAA)
Vivian Chen (JETAADC)

Vacant CR Position for 2024-2025

For this year’s election, we received only two candidate platforms. Our two 2024-2025 Country Representatives have been confirmed as of March 18 and will begin their term April 1, 2024.

This leaves a 3rd vacant Country Representative role. In compliance with our JETAA Bylaws, the vacant CR position must be filled as soon as practicable via a Special Election. The timeline of the Special Election will be determined and announced soon.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a CR, please contact the Elections Officer, Megan DeVille at [email protected].  

Annual JETAA USA CR Elections

All 19 US Chapters are highly encouraged to vote for their Country Representatives. All three positions are voted in on an annual basis. Country Representatives serve a 1-year term, with any incumbents also running for re-election each year they wish to serve.

  • Each JETAA USA Chapter has one collective vote for each choice of filling three (3) Country Representative positions.
  • Any Chapter officer or representative may cast the vote for their Chapter, although this is typically done by the Chapter president.
  • Sub-chapters vote under their parent chapters.
  • Chapters have the right to vote for a candidate as well as the right to abstain from voting for one or all candidates by indicating as much.

To be declared the winner(s) of an election for the positions of JETAA USA Country Representative, candidates must obtain the first, second, or third highest number of votes cast during the elections.

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