2019 NatCon Agenda

3:00 PM JETAA Chicago Welcome Desk open at Inn of Chicago (162 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611)
7:00 PM Meet in Hotel Lobby to walk to USJETAA Reception (or join us anytime at the bar after 7:30)
7:30 PM USJETAA Welcome Happy Hour – Lizzie McNeill’s (400 N McClurg Ct, Chicago, IL 60611)
FRIDAY Breakfast in Buckingham Room- Provided by MOFA (Supported by USJETAA)
8:00 AM Breakfast in Headquarter Suite – donated by Robert Corder (Supported by USJETAA)
9:00 AM Welcome Remarks
Ella McCann, President, JETAA Chicago
Takahiro Ando, Deputy Director, CLAIR New York
Kotaro Oe, First Secretary, Embassy of Japan
Bahia Simons-Lane, Executive Director, USJETAA
Monica Yuki, Country Representative, JETAA USA
Chapter Delegate Introductions & Omiyage
10:00 AM Keynote Speech – JET: Playing the Long Game – Margot Carrington, former Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo
10:30 AM Growth and Sustainability in the Grassroots – Peter Kelley, President, NAJAS
11:00 AM How to Leverage USJETAA’s Resources Locally – Bahia Simons-Lane
12:00 PM Lunch in Headquarter Suite courtesy of CLAIR New York (Supported by USJETAA)
1:30 PM Five Year Plan: Be Proactive Instead of Reactive – Andy Shartzer, JETAANY & Monica Yuki, JETAA USA
2:30 PM Growing (and keeping) Strong JET Leaders – Rachel Reed, JETAADC and  Katherine Meyer, JETAAMN
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM Remote Outreach & Engagement – Samantha Corpuz, PNW JETAA
4:15 PM Chapter Presentation (JETAAMN, JETAA Music City, and JETAA Texoma)
4:30 PM Growing Chapter Visibility and Branding – Teri Galvez, JETAA Rocky Mountain
5:00 PM Instructions for evening events & free time
6:15 PM Meet in hotel lobby to walk to Japan Information Center
7:00 PM MOFA Reception at Japan Information Center 737 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60611
8:30 PM Nijikai
Scavenger Hunt: Team Activity to See the Best of Chicago at Night!
8:00 AM Breakfast in Headquarters Suite (Supported by USJETAA)
9:00 AM Scavenger Hunt Results – Tom Collins, JETAA Chicago
Overview from Friday Conference and run through of the agenda – JETAA USA
9:30 AM Everything You Ever Needed to Know About GIA But Were Afraid to Ask – Aki Sugawara & Tomoko Fujiwara, Assistant Directors, CLAIR New York
10:00 AM Building Membership, Step-by-Step – Kelly Bolen & Jennifer Kuang, JETAA Hawaii
10:30 AM How to Host a Successful Family Friendly Event – Maureen Brase-Houchin, JETAA Heartland (Nebraska)
11:00 AM Once a JET Always a JET: How to Keep Your Sempai Engaged – Melissa Cruz, JETAASC
11:30 AM Breakout Session:
1. Focus on Growth in Subchapters – Rachel Reed, JETAADC
2. Focus on Growth in Leadership and Boards – Faye Valtadoros, JETAA USA
3. Focus on Growth of Sempai and Family Friendly events – Melissa Cruz, JETAASC
12:00 PM Chapter Presentation (JETAA Alaska, JETAA New England, and JETAA Rocky Mountain)
12:15 PM Lunch in Headquarter Suite courtesy of CLAIR New York (Supported by USJETAA)
1:30 PM Non-profit status: Who’s got it, who wants and how should we be using it?
1:45 PM Breakout session:
1. Chapters with 501(c)3 status can share ideas on how to take full usage of being an NPO – moderated by Monica Yuki, JETAA USA Country Rep
2. Chapters that are working towards 501(c)3 status can gain tips and insights with other chapters in the process – Moderated by Bahia Simons-Lane, USJETAA
3. Chapters without 50(c)3 status and not working towards it and how they are able to partner with other organizations – Moderated by Dustin Henrich, JETAA USA
2:15 PM The Reality of Small Chapters | Analyzing JETAA’s Challenging Relationship with the JET Pipeline
2:45 PM Just Do It: Implementing the Lessons from NatCon – JETAA USA
3:30 PM Chapter Presentations (PNW JETAA, JETAA Portland, JETAANC, JETAASC, JETAANY, JETAA Mid-South, and JETAA Florida)
4:30 PM Instructions for evening event & Free Time
5:30 PM Meet in Lobby to take Lyft to reception
6:00 PM CLAIR Reception at Izakaya Mita (Supported by USJETAA)
9:00 PM Nijikai- Headquarters Beercade (213 W Institute Pl, Chicago, IL 60610)
8:00 AM Breakfast in Headquarter Suite – donated by Robert Corder (Supported by USJETAA)
9:00 AM Delegate sock exchange
9:30 AM JET Alumni: Impacting the U.S.-Japan Relationship – Paige Cottingham-Streater, Chair, USJETAA
9:40 AM JETAA International Update – Xander Peterson, JETAA International Advisory Board
10:00 AM JETAA Canada Update – Andrew Mossley, Country Representative, JETAA Canada
10:20 AM Chapter presentations (JETAA Heartland, JETAA Great Lakes, JETAA Hawaii, JETAADC, and JETAA Chicago)
10:45 AM Come Together, Right Now: Working within Your Region
11:50 AM Final Words – Ella McCann, JETAA Chicago & Faye Valtadoros, JETAA USA