2020 National Conference

Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay

2020 JETAA USA National Conference

November 17th ~ 19th
December 4th ~ 6th

The conference will be held completely digitally. A great thank you to USJETAA, CLAIR New York and the JETAAUSA Board of Advisors for helping make the transition to a digital Conference this year.

We invite two delegates from each JETAA USA Chapter to attend as is standard for most past conferences but this year, General and International Attendees are welcome! See the email blasts for more details. We recommend anyone wanting to continue as leaders and play active roles with your chapter in 2021 and beyond.

This year’s theme is focusing on cross chapter collaboration. With the unique situation we experiencing in 2020, digital events and content have gained a prominent role in all chapters. The bar for cross chapter collaboration is much lower because of that!

(all times in Eastern Standard Time)
Tuesday 11/17: Conference 8PM – 10PM, Welcome Remarks, Introductions and Keynote Speaker

Wednesday 11/18: Conference 8PM – 10PM, Presentations from CLAIR and USJETAA

Thursday 11/19: Conference 8PM – 10PM, Canada JETAA Updates, Cross Collaboration Discussion and Happy Hour

Friday 12/4: Conference 8PM – 10PM

Saturday 12/5: Conference 6PM – 9PM

Sunday 12/6: Conference 6PM – 9PM

Important Links
E-mail blasts to delegates with conference information
Presentations – Any presentation material that needs to be archived here will be posted at the conclusion of NatCon