Valerie Stewart

JETAA Southeast (US-04) 

  • Regional Conference Atlanta 2016 (Co-Organizer)
  • JETAASE Treasurer: 2010 to Current
  • JETAASE Secretary: 2009-2010
  • JET Program, ALT, Saga Prefecture 1999-2002

Hi! I’m Valerie Stewart, a native of Atlanta, Georgia. My interest and love for  Japan started in high school as a participant in my school district’s foreign  language magnet school. That newfound interest led to a chance encounter with  a JET participant in Osaka, Japan during my time studying abroad in university.  Her passion for her work as an ALT was the driving force for me to apply to the  JET Program. 

Serving as both secretary and treasurer of JETAASE has allowed me to continue  that passion as I an officer in our chapter. With over 10 years as an officer, I have  seen our chapter go through various of stages of activity, alumni involvement and  I have witnessed our resurgence into a strong, active alumni organization. 

Having attended several National Conferences and Regional Conferences, I have  direct experiences in many of our JETAA milestones. My firsthand institutional  knowledge of the alumni organization throughout the years of my tenure will be  an asset as we continue to build on foundations that were set by previous officers  across the country. 

In 2016, JETAASE hosted the Regional Conference in Atlanta. As one of the  organizers of the conference, I was able to utilize my background in partnerships and travel to host the event. Our relationships allowed us to negotiate services  with vendors from lodging, transportation, and services. One of my goals will be  to share those best practices with other chapters. 

As a Country Representative for JETAAUSA, my goals are to 

• Create and implement a portal of discounts for all JETAAUSA Alumni to  access for personal and chapter use 

• Assist and support chapters with ways to connect geographically dispersed  members/officers

• Expand on the initiatives from JETAASE in increasing diversity among JET  Program applicants, as well as teaching these communities about Japan.

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