Sister Cities/ States

The primary goal of this project is to help local JETAA chapters connect and coordinate with their Japanese sister cities/prefectures to grow those relationships and bring value to our counterparts in Japan.

As part of the effort to create stronger ties between JET alumni and their communities in Japan and to enhance the value of the JET Program to its users there, we have established the Sister City Initiative. JETAA USA is working with Sister Cities International to strengthen our partnership and effectiveness. This system can also be applied to visits and activities between the two entities (not only sister city type relationships).

JET alums possess many of the skills (language, cultural navigation, professional acumen etc.) that are needed to support and grow these cross-cultural community relationships. Local Japanese governments are interested in developing and maintaining communications with JET alumni and cooperating on projects which benefit or promote their Japanese communities. The Sister City Initiative gives local governments tangible connections with JETs after they depart Japan and provides return on investment for the JET Program. JETAA USA is in a position where we can create high impact results through some targeted work.

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  1. To the extent it’s helpful, here’s a link to the JET-Sister City List Project on JETwit that attempted to identify as many places in Japan as possible that have both a sister city and a JET in them.

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