Action Plans

JETAA Tech Vision:

  • Within 2-years, every JETAA Chapter will have a fully-functional website
  • Establish a Tech Network (for ongoing communication)
  • Provide a central location for Tech Resources (establish a Web ring)

Recommended Best Practices (Bob: taskmaster)

  • Communication Action Plan (use MailChimp if no solution)
  • Team: Megan, Kurtis, Ted, Eric, Bailey, Jason-consult
  • Web site templates
  • Joomla  Team – Jason, Todd, Greg, Nick
  • WordPress Team – Lee-Sean, John, Ben
  • Social Media Action Plan
  • Team:  Ben, Sandra, Dusty, Rod
  • Communication Plan (Bob, Ryan)
  • Pre-Contact/Conference Results (send to Country Reps)
  • Results of Tech conference (update on twitter, etc.)
  • Developing recommended best practices
  • Initial Contact (send to chapter reps )
  • Productive results of technology conference (update progress)
  • Availability of Resources
  • Opportunity for help
  • Communicate the vision
  • Follow up (sent to chapters basis on ongoing basis)
  • Identify needs
  • Advertising momentum (case study)
  • Officer succession/Technology Transfer
  • Delegate Communication (ongoing by all)
  • Promote conference
  • Showcase cool stuff
  • Share measureable results
  • Encourage all chapters


  • 4/25/10: Rough drafts ready for review
  • 5/10/10: Posted to Resource section
  • 5/15/10: First send out of Communication Plan

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