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The first Technology Regional Conference was a great success due to the correct identification of needs and the collaboration and hard work that delegates and attendees provided.

Identification on Needs – First JETAA International Technology Survey

A lot of great takeaways and action plans were created. These plans were created based on the most important needs determined  by JETAA chapters all over the world. The results of the survey provided the outline for the main areas that were focus on at the Technology Regional Conference.

Conference Action Plans – Collaborative Effort Based On Everyone’s Hard Work

Below are links to the pages where you can find more information that resulted from the hard work and dedication by conference participants.

Conference Notes

Conference Action Plans

Communication Plan

Social Media Resources

Website Resources for Joomla

Website Resources for WordPress

Thanks again to all the Tech Conference Participants who not only contributed during the conference but also helped to make the Conference Action Plans a successful resource for not just North American JETAA chapters but for all JETAA Chapters.

UPDATE: These resources were presented at the Canadian National Conference and here was the feedback:


“This website is an amazing resource for any of the chapters that are looking to develop or improve their website. The information on Joomla and WordPress is especially useful, and there all also many other great ideas regarding social networking and other tools to add to your website. As JETAA NA is in the process of re-doing our website, I know I will be relying on this website a ton in the near future and it is a relief to know there are resources like this out there to help us along the way. A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in developing it.”

Jenna Smith
JETAA Northern Alberta

“The website looks quite good. The resources for WordPress are extensive and would help to make a functional website. Personally, I would like to see more for the Joomla section. We use Joomla for our own site, and I believe it is a better and more flexible system. Highlighting existing free extensions, such as Community Builder, would greatly help provide more tools for Joomla users. Providing a link to the main Joomla website, where they host tutorials and numerous extensions would also help.”

Alex Svetlovsky
JETAA Ottawa Webmaster

“We really appreciate all of the helpful information included in the tech conference. We hope to implement some of the tools for our new website that is slated to debut in the next week or so.”

Breanne Schwenneker
Manitoba Saskatchewan JETAA President

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