Travel to/from Chicago

Travel To/from Chicago

Please book your flights 30 days in advance to take advantage of the best deals and save your chapter $$ that can be spent on other great local programs for your members!

**Reminder we are booking your hotel room, you only need to book your own flight.


 Helpful tips for booking your NatCon Flight

Closest Airport:

Airport: O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
Airport: Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)

The airport is 1 hours via public transportation or 45+ min by car to the hotel. Please plan accordingly.

Arrive: Thursday, September 26th by 4pm (if your work schedule allows for it)
The informal welcome happy hour starts at 6pm and goes till last man standing. You can walk from the hotel to the venue.  USJETAA will be treating us to a few snacks.  We hope you can be there for the Kanpai! If you can’t arrive for the happy hour no problem, still try to arrive on Thursday and we will see you Friday morning when the conference starts

Depart: Sunday, September 29th after 3pm
Return flights should depart no earlier than 3pm. The conference ends at 12pm so please allow for extra travel time to the airport and checking in.  There will be optional lunch, local activities and more chapter networking if you can stay longer. 

Tips from the locals “ Uber’s about the same at $28-36 for reg, $47-62 for XL. For Midway, it’s $24-29 on Lyft, $42-49 for XL. Uber looks to be $22-29 or $38-49 for XL. Rush hour prices will of course be more. If someone is coming from O’Hare during rush hour though, I would strongly recommend taking the train and then either a bus or a Lyft from (close to) downtown. Traffic on the highway is MISERABLE and it can take up to double the amount of time as taking the train.  The hotel is about a 20 min walk from either train (orange or blue) though if folks feel like schlepping it. I would suggest folks take a Lyft/Uber from the airport rather than a cab or shuttle. It’s definitely more reasonable, especially when split between 3-4 people.”