JETAA Media Release: Disbursement of Funds

Below is the official press release in English (for the Japanese version, click HERE) announcing the recipients for JETAA USA Earthquake Relief Fund to the media in Japan.

Much time and energy has gone into this process, using our JET contacts, bilingual and bi-cultural abilities to identify appropriate and worthy uses for the approximately $75,000 raised by the JETAA chapters in the U.S.

JETs and JET alumni should be extremely proud of the ways we’ve been able to support Japan in the wake of the 3/11 crisis.  Many larger organizations have faced significant challenges in finding appropriate grantees, due in a large part to a very different and smaller Japanese non-profit sector that continues to grow and evolve in new ways.  Our quasi-Japanese expat community of 55,000+ spread around Japan and the world has been uniquely positioned to help meet these challenges.

Thank you to JETs, JET alumni and Friends of JET everywhere who have contributed to the fund, volunteered their time, volunteered their translation and other skills and supported Japan in many other ways as well.

Ganbarou Nippon!


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