JETAAi Webmaster Opportunity!

JETAA International Committee Webmaster Position Available

JETAA International  Executive Officers welcome applications for the position of International Webmaster.  All current JETAA members are eligible to apply for this position.

Background of JETAA international

JETAA international is a voluntary body which promotes global JETAA development. Executive Officers consists of four elected members, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Public Relations Officer.  These Executive Officers along with 19 country representatives make up the JETAA International Committee.   The webmaster is an appointed one and exists as part of the Committee.

The JETAA webmaster

  • must ensure advanced web development competency
  • has overall responsibility for the management, content and programming of the JET alumni website in co-operation with the JETAA Executive Committee.
  • is expected to have a critical leadership role in developing a new direction for the JETAA alumni website alongside an already existing new web team
  • must serve as the overall technical expert for Countries and Chapters, helping them solve or finding answers to their web-related questions.
  • will be expected to develop guidelines and procedures in relation to their role to support JETAA Countries and Chapters
  • is appointed by and works at the discretion of the Executive Officers and to fulfil aims and objectives of the Executive Committee
  • may, in liaison with the Executive Officers, appoint a web team which is comprised of more than one person, to take on specific web developments.  The Webmaster is expected to oversee this team
  • must be committed to work within JETAA international procedures and by-laws
  • should have effective communication skills
  • should preferably be currently involved with JETAA activities

If you are interested in this position, please email [email protected] by October 15, 2011

Potential Development of the Webmaster Position 

There is a proposal to change the current webmaster role from an appointed one to an elected position. This will be voted upon at the October 2011 International Meeting in Tokyo.

If the motion is passed by Executive Committee, the webmaster will serve as an elected member within the already existing Executive Officer team (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Public-Relations Officer).  The Webmaster would be an active decision maker within the Executive Team, have voting rights and be eligible to participate in the annual international conference.

If the motion is passed, webmaster applications will be heard at the International Conference.  A minimum of three platforms must be submitted for election to be taken forward. If the motion is not passed, your application will be considered for appointment to the existing Web Team by the Executive Officers.

Should you have any queries about the process of appointment/election or the role itself, please contact  [email protected] and we would be happy to discuss further.

  • Shree Kurlekar (JETAA international chair)
  • Barbara Gill (JETAA international vice-chair)
  • Kay Dunkley (JETAA international secretary)
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