JET alum seeks translators for “Rebuilding Tohoku” website project

 The Rebuilding Tohoku website is dedicated to providing information about the changes taking place in Japan in the post Great Northeast Tsunami and Earthquake era. The website was created by Owen Rosa (Iwate-ken, 1999-2002) who is looking for Japanese to English translators to help with the site. The following message below is from Owen.

  •     This website is trying to create a medium that consolidates information for all subjects related to the rebuilding efforts including but not limited to energy, politics, economics, tourism and philanthropy.
  •     The site allows for people to join as members and submit articles (in both Japanese and English), pictures, videos, or documents on various subjects or projects related to rebuilding Tohoku.
  •     The site also asks for Japanese language speakers to volunteer with translations of articles or project information from Japanese to English in order to provide information in English usually not available outside of Japan.
  •     The overall goal of the website is to provide access to articles and promote projects outside Japan to potential philanthropists, foreign investors or others interested in supporting the rebuilding efforts.

I am reaching out to current and former JETs to ask for your support in volunteering to translate from Japanese to English or provide any information you know about projects supporting the rebuilding efforts.   Thank you for your consideration and if you are interested please go to the website at and register, thank you.

This information was originally posted on JETwit here.

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