JET Alums Remember 3.11

Monty Dickson (ALT, Rikuzentakata, 2009-11)

For any of us who are JET alums, losing one of our own is a heartbreaking thought. This is especially true if their life was taken while on JET as a result of the tragic events of 3.11. JET alums around the world know the lives Monty Dickson and Taylor Anderson lived; it was our life too.

Monty and Taylor were both JETs in the Tohoku Region: Monty in Rikuzentakata and Taylor in Ishinomaki. Both were ALTs from the USA who were dearly loved by their Japanese communities and students. Both perished in the tsunami that struck their towns on March 3, 2011.


This year has been difficult for Japan and those of us who call that country our second home. It is also undoubtedly difficult for the families that face a holiday season with one less in their count of family members. For some Japanese families the count of missing faces is more than one, the loss that much more tangible. We hope the families in Virginia, Alaska, and the Tohoku area know that we are thinking of you. Our JET alum community in the US extends our support and caring thoughts to you and your families. Although it will never be enough, we continue to give in the ways we know how.

Taylor Anderson (ALT, Ishinomaki, 2009-11)

The JETAA USA community remembers and honors the lives of fellow JETs, Taylor Anderson and Montgomery Dickson. We also remember and honor the lives of all those who were lost on March 3, 2011. We hold them in our hearts this holiday season and wish for happiness for their surviving friends and families.

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