Xmas Cards for Tohoku Kids

A  Professor Emeritus of Chuo University has started a project called “Xmas Cards from Friends Around the World”. This is a campaign to gather Christmas cards from around the world to bring to the children in Tohoku. The cards will be handed out to the kids at the end of a holiday piano concert on 16 December 2011. If you’d like to participate, please send your card(s) to the following address:

c/o Mrs. Mayumi Hoshi
Shichigahama-cho Saigai-Volunteer Center
Noyama 5-9, Yoshidahama
Shichigahama-cho, Miyagi
JAPAN 985-0802
ATTN: Boys and Girls

For more information (Japanese only) please see the PDF.
For the Facebook page (in Japanese) associated with this project click HERE.

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17 Responses to Xmas Cards for Tohoku Kids

  1. Tomoko Tanaka says:

    Happy Christmas day.
    I wish everyone will be happy and feel love in christmas time.
    We will be safe!


  2. Edith says:

    This sounds great, but is the request for blank cards or cards written in by the sender?

  3. The request is for cards written to the kids and sent from overseas. I think the idea is for the kids to understand that people from all over the world are thinking of them during the holidays.

  4. cecilia says:

    That’s really nice idea. I’m going to ask a group of us to start making cards.

  5. kuri says:

    Cards can be sent from within Japan too.
    Here’s their Facebook page:
    Happy Christmas to you all !

  6. Penny says:

    Do the cards need to be from overseas, or would you take cards from here in Japan too? I was thinking about making a project out of this at one of my schools, because they were really into raising money for Tohoku right after the tsunami. Would that be appropriate, or is it just from foreigners that you want the cards?

  7. Travis says:

    Hey Jessyca, thanks for posting this. I’m still on JET, but when I ran across this I mailed it to my local JET listserve. I figured any Christmas tidings would be appreciated, even if they weren’t from overseas.

    Do you happen to know the deadline for getting the cards to Mrs. Hoshi?

  8. Ellen says:

    I’m going to ask my daughters’ Scout troops (7-9 yr olds) to send cards. Should they include their own addresses in the cards in hopes of getting a reply? I don’t want to give them hope for a card from Japan if that’s not part of the program. Thanks.

  9. I’m glad this has gotten such a great response!

    Ellen: As far as I know, this is a one-way letter writing project. So, although you could always ask for a letter in return, it’s not part of the program.

    Travis: I looked over the PDF and Facebook page briefly, but didn’t see a deadline posted anywhere. JETAA USA isn’t directly involved with this project, we just got wind of it and wanted to let other know about it. So, we’re just the messengers.

    Penny: They are happy to receive cards from anywhere in the world, including Japan.

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  11. kako says:

    I’m from Japan.so happy to know that many people concider the children in Tohoku ,Japan.

    I have asked about ” a deadline ” to a staff of the campaign.
    She told me that they are going to have the piano concert for children in 16th,Dec.,in Tohoku .
    and going to show cards send from Japan and all over the world .
    After the concert ,Cards will bring to the children by “Santa Claus” .
    They will biring all cards ,even if it’s delayed for Christmas !
    So please send to the children ,lost their family ,relatives …., are spending hard time until now.


  12. Thank you for telling us the deadline! So many people were looking for that information. I will update the post to include that! Have a wonderful holiday season in Japan!!

  13. Manami says:

    This campaign is great and I would like to participate it.
    I visit schools to introduce Japan and Japanese culture to children in America.
    However, the deadline is December16th which is this Friday.
    Is there any way that Christmas cards from here would reach children in Tohoku after the due?
    I have already got Christmas messages from some classes and I will receive more in this week.
    Hopefully messages from children in America will be delivered to Tohoku children somehow even after 16th!
    Thank you.

  14. The speed with which your cards reach Japan depends largely on how you send them (overnight, etc.). I have no idea if they will be able to distribute cards to the kids in Tohoku after the 16th of December, but you can always try! Good luck!

  15. Manami says:

    Thank you very much for your response Jessyca san!
    I will try to find a way then!

  16. Miki says:

    I just sent the cards to the organizer from the US today.
    But I don’t think it won’t be reached by Dec.16.

    So could the organizer or Mayumi Hoshi-san give the cards to the people who don’t join the Xmas concert?

    My colleagues made lots of cards thinking of the people in Tohoku area and we’d be glad if they know that we’re always thinking of them.

    Thank you!

  17. Miki says:

    Sorry for the typo!
    I meant:
    “I don’t think it will reach to the organizer by Dec.16.”

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