National fundraising campaign

The CRs have been working behind the scenes to dot every “i” and cross every “t” before the official announcement of a national fund.

In the time being, we are taking a quick survey on potential national funding campaigns. A friend and JET alumni from LA who works in development suggested that there be some type of national campaign to this fund raising effort. Something along the lines of “Donate $10 dollars for every year you were on JET.” Obviously, you can donate more than that amount if you want, but providing simple guidelines like these would make it easy for every JET alumni to donate to a national relief effort. I want to emphasize that participation of the whole JETAA USA community is just as important as the total amount that we raise.

Please take a minute to take this TwtPoll:

If you don’t agree with “Donate $XX for every year you were on JET” or have a better idea, please feel from to share it in the “Other” option or in the comment section of this post.

Also, I am looking for people with corporate fundraising experience, so if you have some, please email rod (at) jetaausa (dot) com.

Update: AJET is doing the “MAN UP FOR JAPAN” campaign. If you like this idea, please write it into the “Other” option of the TwtSurvey.

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  1. Ken O says:

    My wife’s work (HP) is matching people’s contributions, and we’ve already donated.

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