Getting Here & Back

We’re so glad you can come! Denver is known as the Mile High City and sits at 5280 feet above sea level.

The conference will be held in Estes Park, CO (map), the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park is at 8,010 feet above sea level.

Above 8,000 feet, oxygen is approximately 45% less dense and there is 50% to 80% less humidity than sea level. Altitude sickness can affect anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Visitors from lower elevations may notice shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, headaches and/or nausea. To avoid and/ or alleviate these symptoms, we recommend drinking plenty of water (64 ounces daily), get lots of rest, eat lightly and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Ibuprofen is helpful for these symptoms, so be sure and bring some with you!

Air Travel

All delegates should fly into Denver International Airport (DIA). Delegates are welcome to arrive before the conference or stay on to enjoy beautiful Colorado and Denver, but RMJETAA will only be arranging transport between DIA and the conference venue.

Conference delegates should work with their chapter treasurer to purchase airplane tickets. The funds for your ticket will come directly from your chapter budget. RMJETAA, CLAIR and/or MOFA do not provide direct reimbursements for your flight costs. All delegates should plan on arriving at DIA in time to get on either the 12:30 or 2:30 pre-arranged shuttle to the YMCA.

Ground Transportation

Our treasurer has worked his magic and we are able to subsidize a large portion of the shuttle costs to/ from the airport. Final cost to delegates is $10.70 for 片道 (katamichi) and $21.40 for 往復 (oufuku). We can only subsidize rides for the shuttles we prearranged. Your spot on the shuttle is confirmed once you submit payment (below). Gratuity has been accounted for.

If you indicated on your registration form that you are traveling from a different location to the venue, or outside of the arranged times, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own ride. (The two best options we’ve found are Super Shuttle and the Estes Park Shuttle.)

SHUTTLE TO: Once you claim your luggage, proceed to the Super Shuttle ticket counter located in the middle of the terminal under the “Ground Transportation” signs to check in. Please provide your full name, group name and confirmation number upon check in. (This information was provided via the JETAA USA Chapter Officers Google Group forum.) There are two shuttle times: 12:30 and 2:30. You have been assigned to one time based on your registration information. Shuttles will take you directly from DIA to the conference venue in Estes Park, CO. The shuttle ride will take approximately 2 hours, so please plan accordingly.

SHUTTLE FROM: Return shuttles to DIA are arranged to depart the YMCA at 12:30. All delegates will depart at that time. The ride to DIA will take approximately 2 hours and the conference ends at 12:00.

Shuttle to/from YMCA

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