Faye Valtadoros

JETAA Great Lakes (US-17)

  • JETAA USA Country Representative (2018-Present)
  • National Conference Detroit (GLJETAA President and NatCon Organizer-2015)
  • GLJETAA President (2012-2016)
  • GLJETAA Secretary (2017-current)
  • JTAM (Japanese Teachers Association of Michigan)
    Positions held: Secretary, Vice President, President (2000-present)

JETAA has been a huge part of my life and for the past 20 years, I have seen the organization grow in many positive ways. For the past two years I have represented JETAA on the national level as a USA Country Representative. Working with all the chapter leaders has given me great insight to the strengths and challenges that we all face. Prior to this role I held several executive leadership roles for the Great Lakes JETAA chapter including being president for four years. Being involved at multiple levels has helped me understand JETAA and how I can better support alumni and their chapters.

The JETAA National Conference is such an important gathering of alumni leaders from across the country. I have not only hosted a conference in my local chapter in 2015 but have supported the two most recent conferences in Denver and Chicago. I have the experience not only attending five national conferences but first hand experience hosting and managing all the details. I have a true passion to make these conferences a huge success in creating strong material for chapter leaders to take back to their local

My passion for JETAA continues to drive me to stay involved and active with my local chapter. I am the Job Fair Coordinator for the annual Great Lakes Job Fair, which helps introduce Japanese companies and JETAA or students studying Japanese in college, looking to use their skills and knowledge of Japan in a Japanese company. I have the skill set needed to organize various types of events.

I want to continue to leverage my professional world with JETAA. I am currently a Japanese language teacher in Michigan at three schools teaching over 150 kids. I have a lot of experience working with students and inspiring them to explore a deeper relationship with Japan. Therefore, I created a Facebook group for “JETAA K-12 teachers” for people in this profession to share our stories both funny and inspirational.

As a JETAAUSA Country Representative, some of the ways that I plan to keep our chapters going strong:

❖ Continue to support chapters leaders and members;
❖ Support the National Conference from the planning stages to the execution;
❖ Reach out to chapter leaders for a status update and follow up throughout the year offering support and shared knowledge from other chapters
❖ Continue to promote the Facebook Page for JETAA K-12 teachers;
❖ Support JET alumnus who are teachers in America and provide guidance for anyone interested in going into the field;
❖ Represent JETAA USA on the international level by sharing our success and learning from other chapters leaders.

Thank you for considering me for another year as a JETAA USA Country
Representative. I look forward to working with my fellow country reps and all 19 of the JETAA USA chapter leaders

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