Adam Ledyard


  • PNWJETAA President: April 2018- March 2020
  • PNWJETAA Treasurer: April 2015 – March 2018
  • Toyama AJET Social Coordinator: 2006 -2007
  • JET Program, ALT, Toyama Prefecture 2005 – 2007

My name is Adam Ledyard and if elected as a Country Representative, my goal will be to help chapters utilize digital platforms and other methods to make running a chapter more efficient.  My background in software development and team management makes me an ideal candidate.

Since returning from Japan, I’ve been pursuing a career as a Computational Linguist, developing software that uses natural language as an interface. My focus has been on automatic speech recognition and natural language understanding for voice control systems such as digital personal assistants (e.g. Alexa, Siri) and in-car applications. I currently work at Oracle on the Digital Assistant Team.

While on the PNWJETAA steering council, I sought to make meetings and information more accessible. I set up a way to attend monthly meetings digitally and made the budget proposals an open forum.  I also ensured event information was always available on multiple platforms: our website, newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram.

As Treasurer, I was able to make the financial side of the PNWJETAA more transparent for the rest of the steering council while also streamlining some of the processes.  I  advanced the digital tools that could be used for tracking and utilizing funds.  This included setting up Square, online banking accounts, and making sure people outside the treasurer position understood the ticketing platform we used, Brown Paper Tickets.

As President, I oversaw a logo redesign, a collaborative rewrite of the association’s bylaws, the migration of the newsletter to MailChimp, website redesign and the implementation of a Young Professionals Fund (YPF).  The YPF is a completely member-funded initiative that helps offset the cost of career development fees, such as transportation costs and admission tickets to networking events.  More information can be found here:

As Country Representative, I will drive improvements in chapter organization, collaboration and planning by onboarding chapters to shared digital tools. These tools will help with collecting members’ data, coordinating and managing tasks for events, generating professional visual content for promotion, and making information accessible to all members. Additionally, using common software will also mean everyone from all the chapters can troubleshoot and help each other out with understanding and using the software. Top priority will be given to ease of use and cost (i.e. free and/or open source).

To further this goal, I plan to create software repositories so tech-savvy alumni have a space to collaborate and develop tools that can be used by all chapters.  Some of these projects will include smarter membership database management and apps for managing everything from member signup and updates to supplementing events where registration or schedules are needed.

My technical and management expertise make me an ideal candidate to guide chapters in taking advantage of various software tools, whether they’re readily available or developed by JET alumni. As Country Representative, I will empower and simplify all chapters’ digital infrastructure.

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